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Wrinkle Injections

If you have lines or wrinkles around your eyes or forehead ( e.g. frown lines or crows feet), these can be treated very easily with amazing results. Our clients find their treatment to be affordable, effective and very natural looking.


There are many products available; the most common is botox (others include azzalure, xeomin). They are all very similar and are all based on a protein called botulinum. We use these products in very small doses, using tiny injections directly into the muscles , this allows the temporary relaxation of these muscles so the lines soften and fade away results can be seen in as little as 3 days but may take up to 10 days for the final result, we take great care in not overdoing any treatments to ensure a fantastic but natural appearance. All our treatments are performed by a dental surgeon. Results last for up to 3 months but may last even longer with further treatments.


Initial assessments and consultations are free of charge and obligation free. The three main areas treated with these products are

2-crows feet/laughter lines
3-vertical lines between eyebrows (glabellar)

To treat a single area in session £180
To treat two areas in a single sesssion £250
To treat all three areas in a single session £300



We like to spend at least thirty minutes for an initial consultation to discuss your needs and assess all treatment options, actual treatment time can take twenty to thirty minutes. We also like to encourage our clients to book a follow up session a few weeks after treatment, this allows us to ensure you are completely satisfied with your results if any top up treatment is required at this time there is no extra charge for this.

All facial treatments should be part of a good healthy skincare regime.

Before wrnkle treatment startedAfter wrinkle treatment